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To those who asked, yes I have an instagram: @danieldorable.

Comment on one of my photos and say you saw my blog. <3

I purchased these sneakers from Aldo a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love them. The flap on the side folds up to semi-hide the cotton. They come in black too!

Anonymous Asked:
Hey where would you suggest to go for some nice gay clothes?

My answer:

Believe it or not, I find my best pieces from thrift stores normally. And they’re crazy cheap which is helpful. If you decide to thrift, you have to go to the stores often (maybe once a month). And be okay with the fact you won’t find something every time. Take the time to look around and go through with what they have. The best stuff won’t pop out immediately. that’s why it’s called a “find.”

If you don’t mind paying full price, or sifting through clearance I suggest these:

Great for shoes, but indeed pricy. I’ll post the shoes I just bought a couple of weeks ago in a few.

Forever 21
Yes, they have men’s clothes! If the store in your city doesn’t have a mens section, check their website. I’m never disappointed.

Cotton On
One of my favorites. I will admit, their new fall collection kind of sucks and I haven’t purchased any of it yet. But their spring+summer stuff was always perfect. I actually get their emails sent directly to my phone so I never miss a sale. 

Anonymous Asked:
Hey how old are you?

My answer:

i’m taylor swift years old. 


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